Data-Informed Influencer Marketing

New tools for identifying relevant digital opinion leaders

Data-Informed Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is more vital than ever for authentic brand connections, especially in healthcare. Advanced technology has transformed how we approach campaigns, with tools like MONOCL and MedFluencers aiding in influencer selection and precise impact measurement. Marketers are turning to influencers to enhance brand awareness, reach, and trust. Cost-effective strategies, such as collaborating with micro-influencers and helping existing KOL partners establish a social presence, mitigate budget constraints in successful digital opinion leader programs.


Generate unique insights into millions of medical and scientific experts globally to inform your outreach and engagement with selected experts

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Translating trends into healthcare

Welcome to THE EDIT! Part of Propeller’s mission and promise is to be at the forefront of digital. We consistently strive to bring innovation and creativity to our healthcare partners and their customers. It is in this spirit that we curate a dynamic monthly experience, strategically selecting the latest, most important digital marketing trends and tech innovations—and assessing the impact each has in healthcare, and why it’s important for you to know now.

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Data-Informed Influencer Marketing

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