Will TikTok Be Banned?

What Will a Ban Mean for HCP Marketing?

TikTok: What Will A Ban Mean for HCP Marketing?

Last month, The United States Congress passed H.R. 815 which ordered the divestiture or complete shutdown of TikTok by January 2025 within the United States. Further complicating the matter, the European Union is also considering similar legislation.

There is speculation over whether TikTok will actually be banned. In addition to ongoing litigation to stop the ban, there are plenty of rumors about bids from investors and tech giants to buy TikTok from parent company ByteDance. What is clear is that the future is unclear. This uncertainty is concerning to pharma brands already using TikTok to connect to the 4.5 million U.S. healthcare professionals (HCPs) active on the platform.

If TikTok is banned, where will HCPs go? And what can we do to reach those users? Propeller is leveraging its data platforms powered by Omnicom and working closely with industry partners including Meta, Snap Inc., and LinkedIn to capture where HCP audiences and influencers are headed next.

Omnicom’s Signal Intelligence Poll
Omnicom’s Signal Intelligence Poll: TikTokkers Will Head to Other Platforms

Omnicom Media Group surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults in May 2024. Out of those who held TikTok accounts, 40% say they will turn to other forms of social media and 26% will follow their favorite creators to other platforms. It will be key to monitor which KOLs your desired audience listens to. Whatever channels they migrate to, their followers will not be far behind.

OmniHealth Data: What Other Social Media Platforms are HCPs using?

Propeller leveraged its proprietary audience data to understand where physicians are most likely to migrate if TikTok is banned. We looked at physicians that are heavy social media users (2+ hours per week) to understand what accounts they currently hold and what other social media channels they use. Instagram and Reddit will be key channels to ensure brands continue to reach former TikTok users.

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Will TikTok Be Banned?

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