The New Age of Audio

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Audio-driven content has exploded in recent years, seeing double-digit YoY growth in users reporting monthly podcast listens. In 2024, monthly podcast usage is expected to rise to 40% among internet-using Americans. 28% of Americans report weekly podcast consumption with an average of eleven episodes per week. The hunger for audio-centric content extends to healthcare professionals with 75% of medical professionals reporting engaging with podcasts and other audio content. Audio has become a critical channel for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands as they seek to find HCPs in unsaturated channels, publishing extended audio content built for deeper educational and promotional engagement and more authentic conversations.

Boston Children’s Hospital’s Breakthrough Podcast

Boston Children’s Hospital’s partnership with The New York Times for a series-based podcast hosted on the NYT site exemplifies how health brands can leverage larger platforms with built-in audiences while maintaining their unique voice.

Spotify Introduces Learning Modules

Brands can now produce masterclasses and continuing education courses in both audio and video formats in Spotify’s creator studio. Curating meaningful educational journeys will be more cost-effective and accessible to more users than ever before.

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The New Age of Audio

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