Holographic Experiences

Experiencing and engaging with the 3-dimensional future

Holographic Experiences

From the Kardashians’ homes to the main stage at every big conference in 2023, holograms are having a BIG moment in the tech and innovation industry. While most people may think of the holographic experience as floating 3D visualizations of an object, holograms have grown exponentially in the past few years to allow for more engagement, customization, and bigger sizes. When it comes to the healthcare industry, holograms offer precise coordination that brings both medical devices and human body parts to life, allowing HCPs to make more informed decisions about the kind of medical device or tool that’s most critical to the success of their practice and patient. At congresses and events, holograms-in-a-box (capsules) and holographic screens help drive booth traffic and create more memorable speaker experiences, with the ability to beam in KOLs from anywhere in the world to engage with the audience in real time or to sync up with conversational AI humans when live attendance is not an option.


Beaming in people, objects, and experiences from anywhere to engage with your audience


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Holographic Experiences

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