Apple Has Another Winner With The Vision Pro

The age of accessible spatial computing is here, and it is here to stay

The Apple Vision PRO

The Apple Vision Pro has ushered in a new golden age in personal technology—one where the line is beginning to blur between the real and virtual worlds. With an interface that looks, sounds, and feels familiar to the two billion Apple hardware users around the globe, Apple has redefined our perceptions of what is now and what will be possible to accomplish in mixed reality. While other headsets require clunky remotes, the Vision Pro tracks a user’s fingers and eyes to navigate the interface.

However, this is not just a tool for watching sports, streaming content, and games. This technology is a turning point for healthcare organizations and the agencies that support them. It is a tool that provides deeply immersive and educationally impactful experiences. The Vision Pro does not stop there. It is already being used as a supportive aid for surgeons in the OR suite to help dimensionalize a patient’s CT and X-ray scans. Interested in trying it out yourself? Most Apple stores will let you demo it.

Doctors Operating on a patient using the Apple Vision Pro
Vision Pro In the OR

The Vision Pro isn’t simply an experiential tool to tell stories. It can be a direct aid to surgeons and HCPs in the room with patients.

A look inside what The Apple Vision Pro can do in surgery

This one may make your heart skip a beat—INSIGHT HEART is a virtual companion that guides you through the human heart in dimensions and depth only seen by open heart surgeons. 

Translating trends into healthcare

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Apple Has Another Winner With The Vision Pro

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